Nice article about the movement of rocks on a dry lakebed.

Pictures: What Drives Death Valley’s Roving Rocks?.


More Snow Than Denver

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The Front Range has had very little snow this year (so far). I liked this film of the snowfall in the Northeast.

Brain Oddities: Spelling is Irrelevant to Comprehension | The Big Picture.

This is Spinal Tap

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This 1984 movie directed by Rob Reiner is a hoot.  The Internet Movie Database lets this movie’s rating go to 11.

The money speeders pay goes in a lottery for the drivers that drive the speed limit.


This Traffic Camera Is a Little Different: Drive the Speed Limit and You Get Paid.


APOD: 2010 November 30 – A Supercell Thunderstorm Cloud Over Montana.

“My First Cavity Search”

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TSA’s new book for kids: “My First Cavity Search” – Boing Boing.